Collin Arnold

Hacker of desktop, mobile, and web apps and games


Put simply, I'm an enthusiastic programmer. I'm most engaged by deep engineering problems, complex system design, and iterating on fit-and-finish for the best user experience.

I've been in the software industry for quite a while now (since the summer of 2008) and my role in development has slowly evolved from a core contributor to more high-level problem solving, architecture, and design reviews.


As of September 2018, I have transitioned with the Ringtail development team to the fold of Nuix. It is nice to work in a software company again, as I've finally been able to say goodbye to hourly time reporting! In all seriousness, though, Nuix is positioned to make major headway in the eDiscovery market as the only fully-integrated suite of tools that can handle the entire EDRM workflow.

I'm looking forward to solving all of the new challenges this opportunity will provide!


Looking back, I realize that I've worked on a ton of things over the years! Here are a few of the recent highlights I can share.


Side Projects